Ukraine under no circumstances will not abandon the idea of ​​de-occupation of Crimea – Kuleba

This was stated by Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba in an interview Ukrinform.

“At the summit of the Crimean Platform, which will be held online on August 23 for objective reasons, everything that contributes to the de-occupation of the peninsula in terms of diplomatic efforts will be discussed … We want to send a very clear signal: even if theoretically, this will not happen, but if theoretically, the enemy will again be stand near Kyiv, we will still plan the de-occupation of Crimea,” he said.

According to Kuleba, no matter how difficult it is, we must always think strategically – the moment will come when we de-occupy our territories.

“And the summit of the Crimean platform is a signal of just that. There will be no such moment in history when we will be “not in the Crimea”, “not in Lisichansk” or some other city that is temporarily captured. Yes, we are talking about diplomacy, but we are talking about it,” the Foreign Minister said.

The second reason for the importance of holding the summit, the minister noted, is the informal narrative in some capitals that “Crimea is, of course, Ukraine, but you should be especially careful with Crimea, because this is the exposed nerve of Russia.”

“Therefore, we want to once again stake out that Crimea is Ukraine, and we will talk about it what we want and do what we want. This is a fundamental point,” the head of Ukrainian diplomacy stressed.


At 4 am on February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in the occupied Donbas. Russia launched missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine and launched a direct full-scale invasion in four directions. The armed forces of Ukraine are rebuffing the enemy, the blitzkrieg plan – to capture Kyiv in two or three days – failed, the Russian army retreated from the capital. The Russian military commits thousands of war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout Ukraine.

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