Ukraine plans to resettle hundreds of thousands of people from Donetsk region

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk explained why more than 200 thousand people were evacuated from the Donetsk region, which is under the control of Ukraine.

Vereshchuk is sure that the population of the region needs to be relocated to safer regions.

“The 33rd article of the Code of Civil Defense of the Population speaks of such a form of evacuation as mandatory,” said the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine.

The reason for the evacuation, according to a representative of the government of Ukraine, will be that the Donetsk region in the winter will be left without gas supply and, therefore, without heat. She stressed that more than 50,000 children live in the region, who will be relocated to the western territory of Ukraine.

If residents do not want to leave their homes, they will not be forced to do so. Citizens of Ukraine will simply be allowed to sign the relevant documents.

In early July, Vereshchuk called on citizens to leave the regions under the control of the Russian Armed Forces, as the Armed Forces of Ukraine are going on a counteroffensive. Senior Fellow, Royal Institute of Research Jack Watling criticized statements by the Ukrainian authorities, as they deprived their army of the effect of surprise by revealing plans for a counteroffensive.

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