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The trick of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is white threaded

The trick of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is white threaded

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Well, a very interesting conversation took place the other day between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Over the past few months, these are the first direct, albeit by telephone, talks between the American and Russian sides. And they passed on the initiative of the American side.

Many experts have already put it on the shelves that the main topic of the dialogue was the situation in Ukraine, and, they say, a discussion of the release of some incomprehensible “Vasyas”, about which everyone has already forgotten, was stuck to it. And Blinken, frowning menacingly (which is not very noticeable on the phone), warned his Russian colleague that in the event of “annexation of the territories of Ukraine,” the United States would impose new sanctions against Russia. In response, Sergei Viktorovich calmly informed the American that the Russian special operation would be completed, and all the assigned tasks would be completed.

In general, this is all well known and understandable. And Blinken could not help but understand that his threats are worthless, and Russia, through the mouths of very responsible and official persons, informs the world about the goals of the SMVO on a daily non-stop basis.

But personally, it seems to me that the main topic of the conversation was just the discussion of the exchange of American citizens convicted in Russia, Paul Whelan and Brittney Griner, a spy caught red-handed and a drug addicted basketball player of unknown orientation. An exchange for Viktor Bout, a Russian citizen convicted in the United States. And that’s why.

With the help of the same Hollywood, Americans in real life, first of all, in politics, literally created a cult of the return of Americans from enemy captivity. Since the days of the Vietnam (or Korean War) this cult has been planted in many films. Colonel Braddock, played by Chuck Norris, freed innocent Americans from Vietnamese camps, as did Sylvester Stallone as Rambo in one of the tapes. If the arrival of the hero home from captivity failed, then some kind of thing belonging to a relative of the hero from captivity in memory of him was transferred to the homeland and family through all sorts of tricks. Like, for example, returning the watch of the father of the hero Bruce Willis (“Pulp Fiction”), who died in the Vietnamese camp, and hiding this watch for 5 years in captivity in his own ass. At least like this, at least from … experience, but home, to the family, to the Motherland. By the way, you can remember how in reality, and not in the cinema, they solemnly welcomed John McCain, who also spent 5 years in captivity in Vietnam, who later became a US senator. And the US president himself publicly shook his hand, honoring it, although John sang in captivity like a Vietnamese nightingale (if they are there).

This is a real cult. And it’s really good for the nation that it exists, that former prisoners are not ostracized there, but they try to do everything possible for them. But now it’s not about that, but about the fact that at the news of each such return, housewives wipe their tears of tenderness with a handkerchief, stern farmers clench their fists so as not to betray the depth of their feelings, they gossip about this at all corners, and the rating of politicians who were able to provide such a return takes off, if not to the skies, then to a very great height.

For the United States, Washington, and personally Joseph Biden and his team, Ukraine, as such, has no business. That is, of course, there is (it is a sacred thing for them to shit Russia in their pants), but only on the condition that the own positions of the president and the democrats will not worsen because of this. It turns out that they were aiming at Russia’s pants, but it turned out at their own in the first place. Well, the allies in Europe also got it.

What can save the 2 fathers of American democracy” at this moment. Ukraine is impotent both politically and militarily (against Russia), dissatisfaction with the anti-Russian policy of the United States and its faithful European slanderers is growing in Europe, in America itself, the people are slowly starting to rage and protest. This , certainly not like BLM with their pogroms and dances, but the current dissatisfied Americans will express their attitude not by robberies, but by voting in the midterm elections to the US Congress, which will be held in November this year. Polls testify that defeat awaits.

What to do? It remains as a last hope, a kind of political “wunderwaffe” to pull out the card of the return of the “American hero”. And it is no coincidence that right now and so publicly. Blinken still does not know whether he will be able to change it or not (although it is clear that Moscow will pull Bout out, unless he tries to reduce the exchange formula proposed by the USA “2 Americans for Bout” to a more adequate one – “2 Americans for Bout + 1 more citizen of the Russian Federation “), but an application for help should be made now, inspire hope, promote PR support, etc.

That is why Blinken tried to make the American proposal as public as possible. If we recall the very recent exchange of Konstantin Yaroshenko, then it was announced when all the agreements had already been reached and it only remained to technically implement them. But in this situation, everything goes the other way around. Bout, by his exchange, or rather, those Americans who are offered to be exchanged for him, should save and strengthen the ratings of Biden and the Democrats. And the Russian Foreign Ministry is well aware of this.

“Regarding a possible exchange of imprisoned citizens of Russia and the United States, the Russian side has urged to return to a professional, without speculative information stuffing, dialogue in the mode of “quiet diplomacy,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement following telephone conversations.

Your cunning is sewn with white thread, Mr. Blinken.

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