Ukraine only needs money from the US – Fox News host

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky demonstrates disregard for US interests. This opinion was expressed by the fox news Tucker Carlson.

Commenting on Zelensky’s words that inflation in the United States is “nothing” compared to the situation in Ukraine, the journalist stressed that Kyiv treats Washington with complete contempt.

“The Ukrainian authorities have ceased to hide that they only need money from the United States,” Carlson said.

He is convinced that Zelensky and other Kyiv officials do not care about the problems that the United States faced against the backdrop of a tense situation in the world.

Earlier, Carlson said that the American leader Joe Biden saves the Kyiv regime, ignoring economic crisis within the territory of their country. According to him, the US authorities provide Ukraine with huge financial and military assistance, and in the meantime, the cost of gasoline at American gas stations continues to increase.

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