Ukraine lost 360 people in one attack, they fled so that they lost 6 tanks and 4 armored personnel carriers. So it will be near Kherson

In the battles near Artemivsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 362 people per day.

In the battles near Artemivsk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 362 people per day.

A photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


Ukrainian volunteers call the battles in the village of Peski in the DPR a personal hell. Allegedly, they do not have counter-battery fire, and two 82 and 120 mm mortars are working from the Ukrainian side. Only now I would not take on faith everything that an ordinary fighter from the trench writes. He cannot know how many mortars are on the Donetsk direction.

Judge for yourself: Donetsk continues to be shelled, we continue to be bombarded with rocket-propelled shells with remote mining (the same “petals” on which several civilians have already been blown up). Yes, the advantage in artillery fire is now on the side of Russia, and not only in the Pesok region (although this is, indeed, a key settlement on the outskirts of Avdiivka).

I would not judge the situation in this area by one post on Facebook (a social network banned in Russia). Although it is typical for all areas where the offensive is now underway. In five months, the main professional backbone of the Ukrainian army was almost completely knocked out. No, of course, there are still combat-ready units that are formed from professional military personnel, but what we see on the front line is for the most part mobilized reservists, moreover, from Western Ukraine. And they have neither the appropriate qualifications, nor the skills, nor, most importantly, the motivation to fight and hold their positions.

Right now, the situation is approximately the same in the direction of Soledar – Artemovsk. Here, the first line of defense was quietly pushed through, they were already hooked on urban development, that is, the fighting is already going on inside the city of Soledar, they managed to enter from the eastern side. But this does not mean that Ukraine is not snapping. She snaps a lot, though to her own misfortune. For example, they tried to counterattack in the Artyomovsk direction. Three battalions with the support of tanks, artillery. Went. And in the end, we got it so that, I think, it will be a very tragic day for Ukraine. Only for one, only here more than 360 Ukrainian soldiers died. They ran into the defensive wall of the Wagner PMC and the allied forces. Then they were driven so that they lost, in addition to people, six tanks, four armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and two, if I am not mistaken, Furia drones.


We also have a very significant advantage in artillery. Moreover, in many respects even thanks to Kyiv. Zelensky transferred part of the artillery from the Donbass to the Kherson direction, which was involved in the counter-battery fight.

So, what happened near Artemivsk, where Ukraine lost 362 people in a day, is an example of how they will attack Kherson. Because there are open spaces and nothing will cover them from Russian artillery.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine transferred part of the artillery from the Donbass to the Kherson direction, which was involved in the counter-battery fight.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine transferred part of the artillery from the Donbass to the Kherson direction, which was involved in the counter-battery fight.

A photo: REUTERS

So they tried to recapture the small village of Pokrovskoye and lost 360 people, and what will happen if they try to advance towards Kherson along the steppes, where Russian artillery, of course, will not be silent, and we have quite serious forces concentrated there. There are even rumors that Mr. Zaluzhny, the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, turned to Zelensky with demands to return the artillery back to the Donbass so as not to lose key points of defense. Now this is also from Avdeevka, this is the line Seversk – Artemovsk, after which only the line Slavyansk – Avdeevka.

So those epithets that describe what is happening and the same fighter on Facebook, and Zelensky in his address (he calls it all inferno and hell) – this is how it is in reality. There is a very serious artillery work on the enemy.


Zelensky said that the armed forces of Ukraine cannot break our advantage in artillery and manpower in the Donbass. This is to beg the West for even more systems that give results, the same HIMARS, the same CAESAR, the same “three axes” – M777. And also, on the one hand, to show how exactly they can either work (this is true, there is nothing to hide here), and on the other hand, he shows that the lack of these types affects the situation at the front. Here, of course, he is being cunning, because in terms of manpower, after all, the Ukrainian side has superiority, there is also no big secret here. Moreover, in some areas it can be triple. For example, when the Uglegorskaya TPP was released. There the enemy was three times more than the attackers, although according to military science it should be the other way around. This speaks of training, and tactics, and military cunning, which, probably, is used by the allied forces, which, perhaps, our opponents lack.

But how much of this artillery the West can give – no one knows. But they still exist at the front. They are trying to hit the headquarters, the warehouses pointwise. Therefore, the same headquarters are constantly moving, warehouses are now nomadic. But it’s still a fixed idea. Remember, at first they also said about Bayraktars: “Now they will give them to us and we will immediately break through the Donbass.” Then it was the same with the Javelins, then with something else. It seems to them that now they will be given some kind of “wunderwaffe”, and with its help they will be able to defeat the enemy. But in the end, the infantry wins. And on the front lines we see low-motivated, unprepared masses who have no desire to resist.


They have professional soldiers, but they stand on the second line, ordering the preparation of the next line of defense. And the prisoners who come to us say that they have never seen their company commander, platoon commander. They are simply thrown and told: “Here you defend, stand to the end, do not retreat or give up, you will retreat, according to the laws of wartime you will be shot.” ​​And these unfortunate mobilizers choose between death for the glory of Zelensky and captivity in the Yelenovka colony, where they can be covered.In fact, in the direction of the latter, the choice is made by the majority who succeed.

But there are also units, such as the 72nd Ukrainian brigade, which resist to the last. And they are mainly formed from residents of the eastern regions of Ukraine – Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv region. And this is explained very simply, because these are the same Russian people with the same internal attitudes: do not retreat, do not give up. They just call themselves Ukrainians, but they are Russians. And in these areas, of course, it is very difficult to go.


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