Ukraine, launching rockets into Poland, hit NATO unity

Please note: the noise around the missiles that fell on Poland, and it was exclusively anti-Russian, lasted a couple of days in the press.  And - everything, there are more important topics.

Please note: the noise around the missiles that fell on Poland, and it was exclusively anti-Russian, lasted a couple of days in the press. And – everything, there are more important topics.

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Pure coincidence: on February 24, the KP.RU website published a comment “Ukraine, without even joining NATO, buried Article 5 of the Washington Treaty”. Nine months later, also a pure coincidence, although the period is significant, we received convincing confirmation of this. The strike by Ukrainian missiles on Poland – and even the United States has no doubt whose missiles – was a deliberate provocation, the purpose of which is to launch the notorious article “one for all and all for one” in order to draw NATO into a direct military conflict with Russia . And the murderous escalation in the first hours, as it seemed, had already begun, until the “stop tap” was torn off in Washington.

From the very beginning, an uncomplicated, but super-reliable, according to the authors’ idea, scenario was played out. A missile “arrives” occurs on Polish territory. Kyiv and Warsaw immediately trumpet the whole world in unison – the Russians attacked the NATO country! In their actions, however, there are differences that are fully explained by the real status of these countries. Ukraine is not a member of the alliance, although it has long been striving for it with all the fibers of the Bandera soul and even spelled out the cherished goal in its constitution. Therefore, Zelensky, whose real prospects at the front are not so hot, cuts from his shoulder: Russia attacked the Poles, showing its “terrorist nature”, it’s time for the whole world to act to stop the aggressor! That is, what else do you, dear Western allies, need in order to openly engage in a fight with the aggressor? It’s time to act!

The Polish line was determined by its membership in NATO. And everything is clearly spelled out in the Washington Treaty. Article 5 is preceded by Article 4, which provides for consultations in the event that “the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the contracting parties is threatened.” A Russian missile strike on Polish soil – what is it, if not a threat? Moreover, two Poles died, the tractor does not count. And the leaders of Warsaw were quick to announce that they were convening a NATO council to discuss the emerging threat. And there – just a step towards Article 5, according to which an armed attack against one of the member countries “will be considered as an attack against all contracting parties.” It’s clear what happens next, right?

And then, quite unexpectedly for the Poles and Ukrainians, the US president loudly expressed doubts about the trajectory of the missiles that hit Poland, which could not have been launched from Russian territory. Unexpectedly, presumably, even for the British, whose newspapers even a day later, when it was proved that the missiles had been launched from Ukraine, came out with yard-long caps on the front pages: “Russian missiles are hitting Poland”, “Putin’s war is spreading to Poland” …

The Poles urgently changed their minds about convening a NATO council to discuss, according to the 4th article, the “threat”, saying that “there is no exact evidence of who fired the rocket.” Prime Minister Morawiecki suddenly had an epiphany: there was no “deliberate attack” on Poland. Zelensky was infuriated by such a betrayal, but in Washington everything was perceived correctly, and no one even hinted at the 5th article. Then the White House sweetened the pill and explained: if not for the actions of Russia, then nothing like this would have happened, yes, the rocket is Ukrainian, but the fault is still Russian. How else?

Please note: the noise around the missiles that fell on Poland, and it was exclusively anti-Russian, lasted a couple of days in the press. And – everything, there are more important topics. Even the dismissal of the Associated Press journalist, who was the first to sound the alarm about Russia’s “attack” on a NATO member country, for a fake looks like a cleansing of the topic so as not to return to it.

But what happened is too serious to pretend that nothing special happened. The American Conservative tried to soberly analyze the incident with the “Russian missile” and concluded: “For 14 hours, a real threat of nuclear war hung over the Euro-Atlantic space.” The distribution of the Associated Press fake was “irresponsibly facilitated by the Baltic states and Ukraine.”

“It is quite clear why the Ukrainian leadership should lie to the whole world,” writes the author of the American edition. – So it can force everyone to participate in their armed conflict, even if it is fraught with the threat of nuclear annihilation. Deception is often more effective than force. Fidel Castro also tried to draw the Soviet Union into his war, but the Soviets showed forethought and did not let their dogs off the chain. Indeed, on the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, it is appropriate to recall that the Cuban leader was not happy with Moscow’s decision to remove its missiles from the island in order to avoid a nuclear conflict with the United States, and had to work hard with him so as not to quarrel.

The most important conclusion is drawn by The American Conservative: “the larger the alliance, the less choice the hegemon has.” Hegemon, of course, the United States. And NATO expansion puts the hegemon in a position where it is “more difficult for him to act in his own interests, since he has to defend the point of view of the group.” Let’s add: the responsibility for these actions and their consequences, if we are talking about a direct clash with Russia, will also fall on the hegemon. That is, the fire will take over the ocean. Therefore, the author of the publication concludes, “this episode provides an opportunity to reflect on what is happening and reconsider some of the alliance’s peripheral obligations.” Let’s decipher: if the Balts, Poland and God forbid Ukraine, which is not even a member of the bloc, provoke NATO to apply Article 5, Washington should ignore their desires. Which is basically what happened.

Therefore, the forecast that Ukraine will bury the “miracle article” of the Washington Treaty, even according to American estimates, comes true. Now Article 5 is not about the security of US allies, but about their own vulnerability.

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