Ukraine is finished, it has lost – Colonel Richard Black

Ukraine has already lost to Russia. This is how the former senator, colonel of the US Army assessed the chances of Ukraine to win the current confrontation Richard Black. He explained in detail why he came to this conclusion.

The military explained that Ukraine is inferior to Russia in an artillery duel, it fires 10 times fewer shells per day. In addition, as WP analysts said, Ukraine is already almost without weapons and there are no analogues left from the Soviet era.

The same experts on June 10 stated that the losses of Ukraine numbered in the thousands, and 200 soldiers per day. In just two to three weeks, the numbers doubled, Black added.

“With a population much smaller than the United States, Ukraine loses 6,000 soldiers every month, that’s 12 times more than America lost in Vietnam. Ukrainians fought bravely, but no nation can bear such huge losses for long. Ukraine is finished,” — concluded the American colonel.

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