Ukraine is crying loudly. Kyiv admits catastrophic losses to get more weapons from the West

Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov.

Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov.

A photo: REUTERS

The cry of Ukrainian patriots is now being heard throughout Kyiv and many Ukrainian backyards like London, Paris, Berlin, and so on. Everyone is crying – Defense Minister Reznikov, his deputy Anna Malyar, Kuleba’s employees along with him, “arrest” of all stripes and similar characters. And they blame the “damned Muscovites” for their troubles.

According to the head of the Ministry of Defense Leshka Reznikov, the Russians are to blame for the low discipline and irresponsibility of the Ukrainian military. This is why it was necessary to introduce tougher penalties for misconduct and disciplinary offences.

– It was an initiative of the military, because there are problems in certain situations with discipline and some people abuse it. There were instigators, they were paid for by the Russians, and then these people avoided responsibility,” he said.

However, if we leave the accusations aside, then in itself the recognition of the existence of a problem is already a significant contribution towards a return to common sense and an undistorted perception of reality. Moreover, Reznikov’s deputy in the defense department, Nezalezhnaya Anna Malyar, who announced a decrease in the combat capability of the Ukrainian army, does not deny it either. In her opinion, the “damned Muscovites” killed too many Ukrainian professional soldiers, and now they have been replaced by yesterday’s civilians, who have difficulty overcoming mental, moral and physical problems, which has reduced the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a whole and the resilience of Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield.

Her words in a recent interview were confirmed by Zelensky’s first foreign minister, and now Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko.

– We’re losing people everywhere. We do not advertise how many of the dead are military or civilian, but you can imagine that the figures for Kyiv’s losses are huge and indigestible. And the cities, some of them completely destroyed, – said this gentleman in an interview Newsweek.

What is it, is it really a recognition of the futility of continuing the conflict? Don’t wait. It is said, to the last Ukrainian, so it should be so. At least in the minds of these ladies and gentlemen. It is not for nothing that the Network is now flooded with videos of how military patrols literally hunt for civilians on the streets of Ukrainian cities in order to fulfill the task set by Zelensky to mobilize at least 100,000 additional people in the Armed Forces of Ukraine by spring. For the replenishment of worn parts and the acquisition of new ones.

This crying in reality is just another way to beg, to beg for new additional weapons. Already in excess of what is allocated, including by the Biden administration.

No wonder the same Prystaiko in the same interview is frank: “The West now has a unique chance. There are not many nations in the world that (like Ukraine) would allow themselves to sacrifice so many lives, territories and decades of development for the sake of defeating the sworn enemy.” Yes, figs with it, with this Ukraine, let it disappear, if only to make Russia more painful.

Echoes his subordinate and the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmytro Kuleba.

“Ukraine is grateful to partners for military assistance, but we must remain honest with each other: no one has done enough while Russian boots remain on Ukrainian soil,” he announced on his Twitter account (blocked in the Russian Federation). – Arming our country for victory is the shortest way to restore peace and security in Europe and beyond.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

A photo: REUTERS

Kuleba sent this cobblestone to Scholz’s garden, since Berlin again announced that it was not ready to supply Leopard-2 tanks to Kyiv, but for now it intends to limit itself to the supply of Marder infantry fighting vehicles. By the way, Poland, which just the day before yesterday announced its readiness to supply these German tanks to Ukraine, today, through Prime Minister Morawiecki, has already corrected that statement, explaining that we are talking about a purely symbolic number of Leopards, “and not about hundreds or even dozens” of vehicles .

The same Prystaiko again supported his boss, who made claims to the Western allies not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of the quality of the supplied weapons.

– Part of the equipment has an expired expiration date. We joke that if you want to dispose of it, give it to us. We will point you in the right direction. In a normal, peaceful time, no one would want to talk about it in such terms. Why not now, he said.

True, so far the Zelensky team has been most successful in disposing of not so much Western weapons as Ukraine itself. But you can always blame Russia for everything. Even if these accusations are completely delusional, like Reznikov’s latest statement, in which he accused Moscow of recruiting Ukrainian children.

“Russia tried to get information about the location of strategically important objects from Ukrainian children,” said the defense minister, and not some professional liar like Arestovich. – The organizers of this scheme ensured that children unconsciously informed them of the location of strategically important objects through a mobile game.

And he concluded: “This is not just a dirty trick, this is a war crime.”

At the same time, both in Kyiv and in the West, they agree to bear and listen to any, even such nonsense, as long as it is against Russia.


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