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War is war, ah Russophobia – Scheduled. The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has decided which streets and other toponyms named after Russians in the country should be rename urgently.

The list includes 10 historical figures, scientists and cultural figures who, according to the Ministry of Culture, “have nothing to do with Ukraine”.

In the first place, no, not “our everything” Alexander Pushkin, but Yuri Gagarin. Alexander Sergeevich on the second. However, here is a list of the TOP 10.

1. Yuri Gagarin,

2. Alexander Pushkin,

3. Ivan Michurin,

4. Valery Chkalov,

5. Maxim Gorky,

6. Mikhail Lermontov,

7. Alexander Suvorov,

8. Vladimir Mayakovsky,

9. Vladimir Komarov (cosmonaut),

10. Alexander Matrosov, a native of Yekaterinoslav (Dnepr).

And where are Lomonosov, Przhevalsky, Tolstoy (Lev and Alexei), Mendeleev, Blok, who admitted that he was from the Scythians, Fadeev, Fedin, Tvardovsky, the Russian nationalist Sikorsky and other people who are the pride of Russia (the list can be continued indefinitely)? Either the paper at the Expert Council of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (an extremely inharmonious combination of words) is over, or knowledge. Or are they not used to propagate and relay the “ideas of the Russian world”, which Kyiv sees as a direct and obvious threat to Ukrainian svildomism?

This is how much money all Ukrainian officials and city services will now make. After all, everyone who lives in Ukraine on Pushkin or Gagarin Street (by the way, why is Yuriy Alekseevich on the list, did Svidomo try to make a Ukrainian lad out of him -?), Will now have to redo all documents with registration, etc. And pay, pay, pay.

If there is no money, but you really want it, then you should try to find additional reserves. I’m not talking about “moskalyaku on gilyak” and “death to Muscovites”. This goes without saying. As Lermontov wrote about such people, “a miserable crowd.”

Corrupts demons. The names of great people are twisted to bloody snot. But a gay porn actor from the United States has become the idol of Ukraine. They themselves chose what is closer to them, who is dearer.

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