Ukraine invited Europe to guarantee European energy security

Generosity Ukrainians going wild. On a scale of ten, she was level 15, no less. Minister of Energy of the Independent German Galushchenko expressed readiness to replace Europe’s shortage of gas supplied from Russia. Estimating Ukraine’s export potential in the energy sector, which, he said, is more than 1.5 GW, he proposed sending these surpluses to the European Union, which, according to the minister, would allow European countries 5-6 billion cubic meters of gas from Russia. But this was not the end of his generosity. The minister also put forward a no less generous proposal – to use Ukrainian UGS facilities (underground gas storage facilities) for the Europeans to place strategic gas reserves there for the EU countries.

And he is not the only one so generous. President (for now) of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky made a similar, albeit not as specific, proposal to the European allies. He declared Kyiv’s intention to become a guarantor of the energy security of the EU countries, saying that Ukraine is “preparing to increase electricity exports to consumers in the EU,” because against the backdrop of a Russian military special operation, Kyiv managed to “connect the Ukrainian energy network to the energy system of all Europe in record time.” And now Ukraine can definitely be “made one of the guarantors of European energy security thanks to the domestic production of electricity.”

In what world these people live, for the entire time of the existence of the Independent, it was not possible to find out, but their amazing stupidity is worthy of entering the world fund of legends and myths. Mr. Ukrainian minister, apparently, is a bit unaware that the main problem in the European energy sector now is the shortage not of storage capacity, but of the gas itself. In the European Union, gas storages are already half-empty during the period of active preparation for the heating season, and Europeans need to fill their storages with something, and not look for them in the barrels of their neighbors. In addition, use them in a country that has proven itself not in the best way, periodically stealing someone else’s gas. If the Ukrainian Minister of Energy decided to “slap” in this way and try to get some gas in such a simple way for the “sebe”, then the attempt was not counted – the trick is too primitive, and the Europeans are still not fools, although in recent years they have been engaged in “shooting at their own legs” “.

No less interesting is the situation with the proposal to replace Russian gas with Ukrainian electricity. Ukraine itself has been purchasing electricity from Russia and Belarus in recent years in order to eliminate the shortage of its capacities and prevent rolling blackouts in its country. There was a break for 4 years due to political reasons, but starting from 2019, the purchase of electricity from Moscow and Minsk has become a permanent practice. In conditions of gas shortage for own needs, lack of money in the state treasury and default “Naftogaz” each kilowatt is worth its weight in gold, and it is extremely irrational to scatter production capacities.

Yes, of course, after the collapse of the Ukrainian industry, the number of consumers of electricity has greatly decreased. And Ukraine itself no longer needs as much electricity as it consumed last year and the year before. But after all, the capacities for generating electricity in Nezalezhnaya are left, if not with a gulkin’s nose, then only for cat’s tears.

Kyiv lost control over the largest in Europe Zaporozhye NPP, and now it is preparing to “cut off” from the Ukrainian network and connect to the Russian one. The other day, Kyiv lost the largest thermal power plant in Ukraine – Uglegorskaya. And there soon DneproGES in line to get out of Ukraine.

So what about the export potential of Ukraine? And absolutely nothing. The only export potential that Ukraine is now realizing is the supply of prostitutes to Europe. Such a high-quality product that in Norway, the locals even began to mow like Ukrainians.

However, this has nothing to do with the security of Europe, either in energy or in any other way. Rather, on the contrary, it can be considered an increased risk to European security, in terms of disease and “bacteriological weapons of mass destruction.”

But Zelensky and his ministers prefer to keep quiet about this.

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