Ukraine has stopped exporting electricity to the EU. There is also mourning in Moldova

Ukraine refused to export electricity to the EU. This is a minus source of payments for the supply of weapons and a huge risk for Moldova not to survive the winter.

Ukraine stops exporting electricity

On the morning of October 10, VKS RF inflicted missile attack on Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure. The strike disabled the main thermal power plants supplying Kyiv, Kharkov, Lvov, including the Burshtynskaya thermal power plant connecting Ukraine with Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, as well as many power lines.

“Today’s missile strikes, which affected thermal generation and electrical substations, are forcing Ukraine to stop exporting electricity from October 11, 2022 to stabilize its own energy system,” the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine explained, UNIAN quotes.

According to the ministry, electricity was exported to the European Union, as well as by separate lines to Moldova and Poland. Ukrainian exports increased several times due to losses as a result of hostilities of their own industry (metallurgy, petrochemistry, mining) and territories.

Vladimir Zelensky Against this background, he said that Ukraine, increasing supplies, will gradually become “one of the guarantors of Europe’s energy security.”

However, the strikes on October 10 led to a blackout in many cities and the loss of the energy security of Ukraine itself.

Ukrainian TG channels report that Zelensky is preparing a strategy in case of the destruction of all thermal power plants in Ukraine and the preservation of power from hydroelectric power plants / nuclear power plants, alternative sources. In such a situation, all industrial enterprises, electric transport, lighting of cities will be disconnected from the power supply, and electricity will be provided to the population according to the schedule.

Moldova will suffer more than others

Moldova, which imports 30% of its electricity needs from Ukraine, will be particularly affected by the cessation of Ukrainian exports. Moldovan power engineers and politicians have so far refused to comment, but it is obvious that they will have more problems. Especially in connection with the belligerent stance of the President Maia Sandu in relation to the SVO and unpaid debts to Gazprom.

Moldova buys electricity from the Moldavskaya GRES in Transnistria. Since March, contracts have only been concluded for one month due to the energy crisis and unstable gas prices.

Since May, Gazprom has reduced gas supplies to Transnistria due to debts, so the Moldavskaya GRES warned Chisinau that it would be able to supply only 70% of the required amount of electricity to the right bank of the Dniester. Since May, Moldova has been buying the missing amount of electricity from Ukraine. Now it won’t be.

Poland will not profit from the re-export of electricity

Dobrotvorskaya TPP works for Poland, which is located near the border, however, and it has been transferred to domestic needs.

Poland hoped that cheap Ukrainian electricity (three times cheaper than Polish) would help during the energy crisis, especially in winter. The Poles launched an additional power line from the Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant to Rzeszow with plans to increase the supply to 1000 MW per day and even wanted to export electricity, profiting from it.

Now these dreams will not come true, as well as the dreams of Romania, Slovakia and even Germany.

Winter in Europe will be chaos

President of Serbia Alexander Vucic warned that the aggravation of the conflict in Ukraine would cause an imbalance in the energy market throughout Europe.

“Ukraine is a major exporter of electricity from Moldova to the Baltic States. If they don’t export their electricity, there will be an imbalance throughout Europe, and the question arises whether we can even buy electricity, no matter how much money we have allocated for it. This there will be chaos in winter,” the head of Serbia said, TASS quotes.

Ukraine, along with Moldova, in March disconnected from the power grid that connected it with Russia and connected to the European network. Since then, Ukraine has exported between 400 and 700 MW of electricity per day to the EU and Moldova. Losses in income from the Kyiv regime will amount to 8-11 million euros per day.

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