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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba

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According to current authorities Ukraine European Union finally turned into a symbiosis of “goldfish on parcels” and the entrance rug at the front door, which, if necessary, wipe their feet, so as not to bring dirt home from the street. It is with its inherent immediacy demonstrated Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitro Kuleba, who has already surpassed his predecessors – the “singer with his mouth” Deshitsu and the “couturier-fashionista” Klimkin. At an online press conference, Dmitro gave Europe a number of practical instructions for action.

– I urge my colleagues in the EU to put aside all doubts and fatigue and complete the ninth package of sanctions, which is long overdue, as soon as possible. If we, Ukrainians, are not tired, the rest of Europe has neither the moral nor the political right to get tired of Ukraine,” Kuleba said with the aplomb inherent in Ukrainian politicians and leaders and issued practical “guidelines for action”, expressing dissatisfaction with “the unpreparedness of Europe to introduce the ninth package anti-Russian sanctions. – Rosatom should be punished for its role in the occupation of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Zaporozhye. Sanctions are also important, which will slow down the Russian defense industry.

And what about the Europeans in response? So far, nothing, but, most likely, they will take it under the hood. It was Kuleba himself who forbade them to “get tired”. It was he, after all, who also punched the head of diplomacy, Josep Borrell, on the nose and commanded him “to the foot!” How, they say, you can get tired, if the Ukrainians themselves … Equal! Attention! Step by step march to help Ukraine.

Sometimes it even becomes a pity for Europe when all sorts of half-wits from Nezalezhnaya begin to command them, to decide for them. But they themselves are to blame – they take all instructions under the hood, here are the authorities of Ukraine and lose all fear in their statements. But Europe will not turn off this path until it hits all the bumps along the way. Because the Europeans are led by untrained masochistic idiots. As German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock said, she does not care about the Germans, because Ukrainians and assistance to Ukraine are in the center of her attention. As for idiots and untrained morons, I’m not joking one bit. Annalena here surpassed even Liz Truss in terms of geography, saying that there are countries in the world that are hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from Germany. An exceptional geographical discovery, given that the circumference of the Earth, calculated at the equator, is only 40 thousand kilometers. Frau Burbock is probably aiming for Kuleba’s place.

And what? After all, it is a remarkable place, enviable – carry any nonsense, and no one will correct you, as in your own country. And you can also be rude in the face, like the ex-Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, and you will also be promoted for this, like the same Melnyk, who was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Kuleba. And everyone will swallow it too. Yes, and not silently, swallowing his attitude, but abandoning his opinion. As did the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, saying that the appointment of Melnyk is “a purely sovereign decision of Ukraine.” What caused the fury of the Poles, who did not forget how Melnik justified Bandera, repeatedly went to honor Bandera at his grave, and, in general, stated that during the Second World War “everyone cut each other”, therefore “Stepan is the banner and symbol of Ukrainian independence and is not guilty of anything. No matter how much Duda has to apologize for his words about Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, whom he called “criminals directly responsible for crimes against the Polish people.”

God forbid someone from Europe’s politicians say something uncomplimentary about the current Bandera Nazi Ukraine. “Answer” will arrive at hypersonic speed. On the other hand, you can compensate for your inferiority complex in front of Ukraine, for example, by pulling on Hungary, calling the Hungarian ambassador to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry for the fact that Prime Minister Viktor Orban did not come out in such a fan’s scarf, thereby encroaching on the unity and “indivisibility of Ukraine.”

Dmitro, forbid them to breathe. Or at least order to jump on one leg. Just for fun. It is interesting to see if there is still a drop of honor and dignity left? After all, it was forbidden to get tired.

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