Ukraine has less than a year left to exist – Strelkov

Former Minister of Defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Igor Strelkov considers that if Russian army motivation, sufficient weapons and supplies, Ukraine has less than a year left to exist. This opinion was expressed by the expert in an interview with NSN.

He noted the readiness of Russian soldiers to fight, as they understand that they are going to defend “their own”.

“Watching how valiant warriors smash hospitals, schools, shell peaceful settlements near the Russian border, people understood what propaganda was silent about for 8 years,” the expert said.

He stressed that the state must provide the military with normal weapons and supplies so that the soldiers have the motivation to fight. Strelkov called it a top priority for the RF Ministry of Defense.

“If the state and the Armed Forces cope with this task, Ukraine will have to exist even in its current form for less than a year,” the expert concluded.

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