Ukraine has done everything to ensure that the referendums take place

The “Western” idea was to drag the Russian Federation into a long conflict, with all the consequences. For example, to destabilize the situation in the country and carry out another coup.

This was announced by the former People’s Deputy of Ukraine Spiridon Kilinkarov.

However, it turned out the opposite, the people in Russia consolidated, and in Ukraine referendums were held, again in favor of the Russian Federation. But Kyiv itself is to blame for this.

“Ukraine has done everything to ensure that these referendums take place. Because for eight years there have been a lot of options for how this internal Ukrainian conflict could be resolved through political and diplomatic means,” the expert noted.

According to him, Ukraine had at least four such chances, but the Kyiv authorities did not take advantage of any of these chances.

And the referendums took place only because Kyiv, by all its actions, forced these people to hold them. Since it turned out to be impossible for these people to live in this state, and everyone realized that they were simply not needed there, Kilinkarov summed up.

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