Ukraine has become a testing ground for new German weapons

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tried to justify himself to domestic "hawks" and Ukrainian petitioners.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tried to justify himself to domestic “hawks” and Ukrainian petitioners.

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tried to justify himself to domestic “hawks” and Ukrainian petitioners. He announced about supplies the latest German weapons to Ukraine.

“Some of these systems are so new that only a very small number have been produced, and some of them have not even managed to be put into service with the German Armed Forces,” Scholz said in an interview with the publication. Globe and Mail.

Thus, it can be considered that he satisfied the request of the Ukrainian minister defense of Alexei Reznikov, who in the second decade of July suggested to all Western arms concerns and other manufacturers: “We are interested in testing modern systems in combat against the enemy and we invite arms manufacturers to test their new models here.”

– Ukraine is now, in fact, a testing ground. Many weapons are currently being tested in the field in real combat conditions against the Russian army, which has an ample number of modern systems of its own, he said shortly after.

Ukrainians immediately began to celebrate the victory. But, let’s be honest, it’s a bit early. What was not slow to emphasize already some real, not couch experts.

The supply of weapons that have not yet entered service with their armies means that single samples arrive at this training ground, which Ukraine has become. Even if trained crews and crews work with them, their number is very limited. From strength, a few pieces that are not able to turn the tide of hostilities. The time of wonderful “wunderwaffles” has passed. They are suitable as new idols, to which the Ukrainian Svidomites will begin to pray, throwing the old ones into the landfill that have not justified their hopes. Already there, at the junkyard “Javelin”, “Bayraktara”, coast guard boats, the advertised and really high-precision MLRS “Haimars” are in line on the way there. The crowd craves new experiences and sensations.

Secondly, like any new weapon, these samples are not known how they will behave during field tests. If in the hands of Ukrainians even repeatedly tested “Points U” can fly not where they are sent, what can we say about absolute novelties.

And thirdly, neither Berlin nor anyone else will thank Kyiv if the Ukrainian military manages to lose (and, more likely, sell) these new items, which will eventually go to the enemy, that is, Russia. Naturally, with the exception of specialized Russian research and production teams, who will be able to get acquainted in detail with promising Western developments.

By the way, the well-informed Ukrainian Telegram channel “Resident” shares the author’s point of view, writing: “Germany continues to sabotage the supply of weapons to Ukraine, while the Chancellor is trying to justify himself once again. Ukraine as a testing ground”.

No, the Ukrainians have long been guinea pigs at the testing ground into which their entire country has turned – this is far from news. Vaccines, bioweapons, now new types of weapons. Here, something else is even more interesting – and Scholz specifically bleeds his Bundeswehr so ​​that, when he is suddenly called to a big war, in Berlin they can say with a clear conscience that they have nothing to do?

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