Ukraine does not share optimism that the grain agreement will serve as a broader agreement with the Russian Federation

Ukraine does not share the optimistic signals that an agreement to unblock grain exports is a prerequisite for a broader agreement between Ukraine and Russia.

This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba in interview with Ukrinform.

“As for the overall mediation role, the grain mediation between Turkey and the UN has worked despite certain difficulties. Let’s hope that it will continue to work. As for the more encouraging signals that Turkey is now sending, that an agreement on grain is a prerequisite for a broader agreements between Ukraine and Russia, we do not share this optimism,” he said.

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Commenting on the observance by the Russian side of the grain agreement, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy noted that after reaching it, it would be “very difficult for Russia to somehow fire unnoticed, because it would be obvious that full responsibility lies with it.”

“In recent months, Russia has invested a lot in the myth that it is she who is saving the world from a food crisis, so that now she can just take it and bomb it with her own missiles. But, frankly, they have such cockroaches in their heads that I can’t subscribe to one hundred percent that in this matter they think exclusively rationally,” Kuleba said.

He emphasized that Ukraine has always been a reliable food supplier and partner and is making every effort to maintain this status despite the Russian war and blockade.

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“The first ship with Ukrainian food exports is a signal to all our friends in the Middle East, Africa and Asia: we will not leave you to your fate, we will protect your families from the famine that Russia is trying to provoke,” the Foreign Minister emphasized.

As reported, on August 1, the first ship with a cargo of corn left the port of Odessa along the “grain corridor”.

His arrival in Istanbul was expected at 15.00, but due to sea conditions, it was postponed to a later time. The ship anchored last night at about 21.00.

Currently, 16 vessels with Ukrainian grain remain in the ports of the Odessa region, which are awaiting shipment.

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On July 22, in Istanbul, following the results of a quadripartite meeting between Ukraine, Turkey, the UN and Russia, an agreement was signed under which grain and other food products will be exported from the ports of Ukraine.

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