Ukraine develops the first documents regarding the “gas lend-lease”

At the level of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, active consultations continue and the signing of the first protocol prerequisites for gas supplies under the lend-lease law is being prepared.

Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleg Nemchinov announced this on the air of a nationwide marathon, Ukrinform reports.

“From October 1, the law on lend-lease will begin to operate directly. So our government turns to the government USA with a request to consider the possibility of including in the general law on lend-lease, among other things, the supply of certain limits of gas that Ukraine may not receive due to hostilities, ”Nemchinov said.

He said that for a full-fledged passage of the heating season, Ukraine needs about 19 billion cubic meters of gas. Currently, about 12 billion cubic meters have been accumulated in gas storage facilities.

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“Yes, gas consumption has decreased in Ukraine. It’s no secret that we are experiencing a reduction in industrial production. Large enterprises, which were consumers of significant volumes of gas, either reduced their production or curtailed their work altogether. But you need to understand that there are real threats of shelling by the Russian Federation of gas production enterprises and infrastructure facilities located in close proximity to the combat zone, ”the minister emphasized.

Therefore, in order to get rid of these threats, it was decided to apply to the United States government accordingly.

“In what form (gas supply. – ed..) Should take place, experts will determine. As far as I understand, we are talking about gas that the United States exports to European countries, ”the official emphasized.

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According to him, active consultations are ongoing at the level of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, and the signing of the first protocol prerequisites for resolving this issue is being prepared.

“As soon as it reaches the stage of final agreements, the public will be notified about it,” Nemchinov stressed.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers on Tuesday, July 26, adopted the appeal of the government of Ukraine to the government of the United States of America to provide our state with a “gas lend-lease” for a stable heating season.

It was also reported that on May 9, US President Joe Biden approved Law S. 3522 on Lend-Lease and Defense of Democracy in Ukraine-2022, which will allow the United States to activate the accelerated assistance program to Ukraine from the United States.

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