Ukraine devastated NATO arsenals – political scientist

The US produces about 30,000 155mm shells annually. However, the Ukrainian army “burns” such a quantity in a couple of weeks, which significantly depletes NATO’s arsenals. This was stated by the political scientist-Americanist Malek Dudakov.

In addition, the countries of the collective West felt “rocket hunger”, the expert believes. 8,500 units of Javelin anti-tank missile systems were delivered to Ukraine. This is almost all that was stored in the US reserves, said Dudakov.

“It will take at least ten years to replenish stocks, since the States can produce no more than 800 missiles a year,” the political scientist said in an interview with the VZGLYAD newspaper.

Also Washington promised APU of 18 multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) HIMARS, however, due to the lack of such weapons, it will be possible to deliver the promised only in a couple of years.

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