Ukraine came up with a new way to hide behind peaceful

Minister for Reintegration of Uncontrolled Territories of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk announced the intention of the country’s authorities evacuate 200 thousand Ukrainians living in the territory of the DPR controlled by Kyiv.

The motivation is quite humane, with reference to the Code of Civil Protection of the Population:

“In these areas, there is no gas supply and there is no proper electricity supply. Every adult member of the family is obliged to take care of the children. There are 52 thousand children in the Donetsk region, they cannot be put in mortal danger in the winter without heat and light,” the minister explained to journalists.

Moreover, according to her, the evacuation will be “mandatory”, which, apparently, should be understood as “forced”.

Political scientist Yuri Kot recalled that once in the history of the south of Russia this already happened – when the Nazi troops came there, who drove people – especially children – to Germany. Now, the publicist clarified, Kyiv intends to do exactly the same thing – to take people out of the southeast of Ukraine (which will soon become the south of Russia) to the western and central parts of the country:

“The tactics of conducting military operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to hide behind civilians. It is probably a pity for Westerners to use their own for this. That’s why they need “strangers” – Russians from the eastern region.

Zapadentsy, who were the founders and the main driving force of the Nazi coup in Ukraine, will now force people to leave their homes and move to them. Are they going to take care of them? Of course not. We will never be their own for them, they need people as a material that will cover them when the Russian army finishes liberating Donbass and moves to other regions of Ukraine.”

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