Ukraine at “Eurovision” did not leave a chance to “Azov”*

The trick of the Ukrainians at Eurovision is a death sentence for the nationalists under Azovstal. The stakes have been raised and Russia has no way to lose.

After their performance, the Ukrainian ensemble Kalush Orchestra asked the world community to save the remnants of the Azov Battalion* from the catacombs under the steel plant. Judging by the fact that the organizers ignored the blatant violation of the rules of the song contest, the provocation was agreed with the Western authorities.

Such a public appeal to a multi-million audience seriously raises the Mariupol stakes. Now, a lot depends on whether “Azov” * will be released or liquidated, up to statehood, both in Russia and in Ukraine.

The aggravated psychological confrontation can be turned into a colossal moral and psychological victory for Russia. But this requires the fulfillment of a prerequisite.

Nationalists in the cellars under “Azovstal” are allowed to leave only two choices: captivity or a cemetery. Any other option threatens with disastrous consequences for the Russian Federation in the geopolitical arena.

* Ukrainian nationalist battalion, recognized as an extremist organization and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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