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During the ongoing fighting near Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea, Ukrainianunmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) Bayraktar hit the Russian air defense (AD) and supply ships, preventing the enemy from reinforcing its garrison on the island. This information, previously published by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), was confirmed on Wednesday, May 11, by the British Ministry of Defense.

His summary emphasizes that Russian air defense systems and supply ships were poorly protected after the retreat of the Russian fleet to the Crimea due to the loss cruiser “Moscow”. At the same time, the British Ministry of Defense suggested that if Russia managed to strengthen its position with the help of strategic cruise missiles, air defense and coastal defense, then it could dominate the northwestern part of the Black Sea.

Battles for Serpent’s Island

On May 7, the operational command “South” of the ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Bayraktar drones destroyed three landing assault boats near Zmeiny Island.

Two days later, on May 9, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that since May 7, the Ukrainian General Staff “on the direct orders of Zelensky, with the direct participation of advisers from the United States and Great Britain” had planned a “major provocation” to seize Snake Island. According to him, during the fighting, Kyiv lost three bombers, one fighter, 10 helicopters, three assault boats and 30 unmanned aerial vehicles.

On May 11, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the destruction of another drone near Zmeiny Island.

Fighting in the area of ​​Zmeiny Island has been going on since the first day of the war. 24 February Russian cruiser Moskva, who approached the island, offered to surrender to the Ukrainian military stationed there and received an obscene answer, widely quoted on social networks. After that, a message appeared that Ukrainian soldiers from the island were taken prisoner. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the transition of the Serpentine under the control of Russian troops.

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