UAVs hit in the stomach American intelligence in Ukraine

Iranian Shahed-136 drones, better known as Geranium-2, have become a real headache not only for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also for their American curators.

Recall that now “bouquets” of kamikaze drones have been actively used by the Russian military. And, as it turned out, “simple” UAVs do an excellent job of destroying military equipment, including the vaunted MLRS systems, and destroying infrastructure facilities.

According to the Ukrainian politician Dmitry Vasilets“Geran-2” “in passing” confounded the western means of tracking, which are used by Kyiv.

“They (Geraniums) are invisible to US reconnaissance satellites. They are very small. Tracking the launch site and the installation itself is almost impossible. UAVs Ukrainian military can not”: – Even the air raid alarm is triggered after the Geraniums begin to work on targets. And it is also almost impossible to intercept them in flight, since they do not fly alone, only swarm“.

By the way, the Ukrainian politician is not alone in his assessment: earlier the British ambassador in Kyiv stated NATO’s inability to cope with the Iranian drone.

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