U.S. House of Representatives Ready to Pass $40 Billion Support Package for Ukraine

Massive aid package to support Ukraine totaling more than $40 billion put to vote in the lower house of the US Congress

This is stated in the message. CNNreports Ukrinform.

The House of Representatives, led by a Democratic majority, is expected to vote Tuesday evening on more than $40 billion in aid legislation for Ukraine, which continues to resist Russia’s brutal attack.

The bill, which allocates funding for a large list of assistance to Ukraine, is expected to have bipartisan support.

The day before, US President Joe Biden official address urged Congress to accept as soon as possible his offer of $33 billion in aid to Ukraine. However, he also proposed merging this into one bill, with another $10 billion allocated to deal with the effects of COVID-19, develop new vaccines, and prevent other potential pandemics.

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Biden stressed that the previous $13.6 billion support package for Ukraine would be exhausted within the next ten days.

“I urge Congress to immediately pass the “Ukrainian bill” on additional funding and submit it to me for signature within the next few days,” the head of the White House said.

He also noted the urgency of adopting a pandemic response package.

At the same time, Republicans continue to disagree with the President’s proposals to allocate such an amount to fight COVID-19. In the poll, it was decided to separate the two initiatives and vote first of all on the “Ukrainian” package, adding to it several more billions for food aid and military equipment.

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As Ukrinform reported, on Monday the head of the White House approved the lend-lease law for Ukraine, which opens up additional opportunities for launching a program of accelerated assistance to our state. To implement this assistance, it must be filled with real tools and decisions on the allocation of funds to Ukraine.

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