U.S. Congresswoman Valorski dies in car crash

Jackie Valorsky, who represented Indiana in the US Congress from the Republican Party, died in a car accident along with two employees of her office.

About it informed House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, Ukrinform reports.

“Jackie died in a car accident this afternoon,” McCarthy tweeted.

The incident took place in northern Indiana. It is known that her communications director Emma Thompson and the director of district affairs, Zacheri Potts, traveled with the legislator.

The car they were driving collided with another car that jumped into the oncoming lane. The 56-year-old driver of the second car also died.

Jackie Valorsky was supposed to be 58 this month. She served in the House of Representatives USA since 2013, she has been co-chair of the Polish Congressional Caucus.

Valorsky has repeatedly issued statements condemning Putin’s aggression against Ukraine and urging the US government to act more decisively.


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