“Two tickets to Milan” in honor of the anniversary of Lyudmila Chursina

At the Theater of the Russian Army in honor of the anniversary of the actress Ludmila Chursina premiere of the play “Two tickets to Milan”.

The play based on the play by the American playwright Joe Di Pietro “Last Love” was staged by the director Alexey Serov. In Russia, the play is called “Two Tickets to Milan.” Quite a lot has been written in world drama on the topic of whether real, sincere love is possible between a man and a woman who have lived a long life, but “Two Tickets” is one of the best stories.

The play begins during a morning walk in Brooklyn Park. The man liked a charming woman who walks a small dog. “How old are you?” the man asks the woman.

This question will never be answered.

He tries to strike up an acquaintance and asks a question about himself: “And how old do you think I am?”

Indignant silence to this question …

And then he decides to give out a secret figure: “I’m 75!”

“You should be arrested for those words!” – the man receives an angry rebuke from the lady.

Most people are afraid of such confessions. Most are afraid of the number of their years, despite the fact that they are still quite attractive, interesting, full of energy.

The main character Ralph (played by the People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Duke) tries to charm a beautiful stranger with a sincere story about his not quite successful life.

“Our family had seven brothers, four sisters and not a penny of money. In such a situation, it remains only to hold on to humor,” he says of his childhood.

Ralph, walk after walk, devotes his companion, who walks her Peach (that’s the name of the dog), to all the simple episodes of her life.

As a young man, he sang beautifully. We hear him softly and delightfully sing Italian arias. He went to auditions, was awarded a performance on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera, even received an offer, but the unfortunate meanness of his younger sister Rosa took away this chance from him. She didn’t call him to the phone when the producer called. Then it didn’t work out, but he didn’t insist. He got married and got a job on the railroad. Opportunity missed…

This man needs to speak out, because he is suffering. He doesn’t show behind the male bravado, but he’s sorry. The man was deprived of the most important thing in life – to do what he really likes. And if the Lord God gave you a voice, and you brushed aside this gift, then there will be no more joy. He has no children, his wife is dead, he is single. And even such a small dream as a trip to Italy to listen to a real Italian opera has been postponed indefinitely …

Each walk is a sincere confession.

Scene from the play "Two tickets to Milan"

Scene from the play “Two tickets to Milan”

Carol Reynolds (played by the delightful Lyudmila Chursina), at first glance seems to be casually trying to brush aside frank conversations she doesn’t need. But this is only at first glance. In fact, a woman listens carefully and sees how a man reveals his soul to her. She is slow and insightful, she is trying to understand who is in front of her, because she has already made mistakes more than once. No, Carol is not afraid of mistakes, but she is selective, because such women are very rare. Her slender figure, even posture, thin fingers, amazing green eyes speak of a rare talent – to be a real woman! It is impossible not to love such women ….

What can not be said about Ralph’s sister Rosa Tagliatello. The same Rose who prevented her brother from taking place in life (this role was played by the Honored Artist of Russia and Azerbaijan Valentina Aslanova). Rose is full of energy and unspent love, she constantly wedged between Ralph and Carol in the park, she does not like her brother’s new acquaintance. Rosa herself did not have a married life, her husband left for another woman who has such a good heart that she even picks up homeless animals. In these words, there is a hidden mockery of Carol and her Peaches. Rosa is trying in every possible way to interfere with her brother’s friendship with an unfamiliar and dangerous woman, she is sure.

But it’s too late… Bold, determined, daring Carol offers Ralph… an escape.

Two plane tickets to Milan bought, bags packed. There, in distant Italy, you can enjoy the fresh breeze, freedom, marvelous Italian opera, fine wine, communication with each other. And, perhaps, to catch up with his youth, to feel how young his heart beats … But Ralph is old-fashioned, he cannot get so close to a woman without making her a marriage proposal.

They say that the same rake is not stepped on twice … Maybe, but this does not apply to Ralph. Because his sister Rose again takes away his brother’s happiness. She collects dirty gossip about her rival and with wild joy dumps them on her brother’s head. It cannot be otherwise, because the sister is wildly jealous of the happiness of lovers. And this is Little Italy (little Italy) between Brooklyn and Manhattan, where everyone knows each other and the news spreads instantly …

It turns out that Carol has a husband, he is neither alive nor dead, he is completely paralyzed, bedridden in one of the best hospices in New York. A trip to Italy for Carol is just an attempt to escape from painful thoughts, a real betrayal of an unloved husband, and it doesn’t matter to go with Ralph or with someone else. That’s what Rose says.

Ralph is discouraged by Carol’s lies, but receives a sad confession: “We all lie so as not to be left alone.” But is it a lie? This is just a weak attempt to get your little piece of happiness and share it with the same needy …

After all, how many years they will be released, no one knows …

Carol leaves alone. Ralph wanders through the alleys of a Brooklyn park. And most likely, it will wander around, never daring to go even to Manhattan. With age, men become so timid …. What can not be said about women. Women are more likely to go for different tricks, for example, get dogs and walk with them in the park, talking to strangers. Probably, this is how they brighten up the hours of longing at the end of their lives …

Scene from the play "Two tickets to Milan"

Scene from the play “Two tickets to Milan”

Each character in this story evokes sympathy in their own way, even the lonely Rose. But the play and staging are not at all sad and not very emotional. Against. There is a lot of humor, irony, wonderful music, successful ideas of the director and set designer and brilliant acting in the performance. There is so much going on on the stage that the viewer plunges into the story with great pleasure, forgetting about everything.

Scene from the play "Two tickets to Milan"

Scene from the play “Two tickets to Milan”

It is impossible not to note the interesting scenographic decision of the artist Emil Kapelusha, each scenery “talking” and adding the necessary detail to the confessions of the characters. In flashback scenes, we see a young Ralph auditioning, played by a young but very interesting actor. Ilya Artamonov. A scene from a distant youth, when the hero got to the casting at the Metropolitan, is shrouded in light and haze, as if in a dream, and then completely dims and goes out before the eyes of the audience, like a memory that was not there …

And the farewell episode, where Carol writes letters to Ralph from Italy, we see as a kind of fantasy. Maybe the man just imagined this extraordinary woman in his dreams …

The performance leaves a very pleasant, charming aftertaste, there is no anguish or a fashionable challenge in it. Everything is stylish, subtle, delicate, with a slight irony…

And with all my heart I would like to wish happiness to our dear heroes. And also to say a huge thank you to the artists for the talented game.

Lyudmila Chursina recently celebrated her 80th birthday. But these are just numbers…

The actress looks great, she has so much elegance, sophistication, grace. We can safely say that this is one of the most charming and beautiful actresses of Russian cinema and theater. I would like to wish the beautiful Lyudmila Chursina new premieres so that she continues to please the viewer with her extraordinary works and divine, not fading beauty!

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