Two-thirds of the combat-ready submarines of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia are at sea

At the berths in the South Bay of occupied Sevastopol, there are two submarines of the Varshavyanka project, which make up a third of the active submarines of the Russian Black Sea Fleet

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by Radio Liberty.

In total, the Black Sea Fleet of Russia has six submarines of the Varshavyanka project: B-261 Novorossiysk, B-237 Rostov-on-Don, B-262 Stary Oskol, B-265 Krasnodar, B-268 “Veliky Novgorod” and B-271 “Kolpino”.

Thus, four out of six submarines are now at sea, which is two-thirds.

The Ukrainian submarine Zaporozhye is also moored at the pier. In March 2014, during the annexation of Crimea, Russian troops stormed the submarine.

Project 636 Varshavyanka submarines (according to NATO codification – Improved Kilo) – a type of multi-purpose diesel-electric submarines. Submerged range: 400 miles at three knots, in RDP mode at a speed of 7 knots – 7500 miles. Autonomy is 45 days. Crew – 52 people, including 12 officers.

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In addition to mine-torpedo armament, Varshavyanka-class submarines carry Caliber cruise missiles. Each submarine is armed with four such missiles.

Photo: (RFE/RL)

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