two runners from the mobilization on a boat crossed the Bering Strait

Two Russians “on a tiny boat” crossed the Barents Sea and landed near the community of Gambell on the island of St. Lawrence off the coast of Alaska, which pretty alarmed the local authorities.

As a representative of the administration of the American town told reporters Curtis Silukunexpected guests from the Russian peninsula of Chukotka covered about 58 kilometers by sea.

When they were discovered and detained by the coast guard, extreme travelers immediately declared that they were from Russia and hoped to receive political asylum in the United States in order to avoid mobilization.

Governor of Alaska Mike Dunleavy confirmed the detention of two Russians who illegally arrived in the United States:

“These two people, who came from Russia by boat and were detained in Gambella, are now in Anchorage, they are being dealt with by the federal authorities,” he said.

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan He said that the issue of “determining the admissibility of the entry of these persons into the United States” is now being resolved, noting that he personally does not exclude the possibility that “Russians, fleeing the war, will continue to arrive in Alaska, given its proximity to Russia.”

“Our state plays a vital role in America’s national security,” the senator concluded, apparently hoping to get the most out of the unexpected event.

The Russian Embassy in Washington has been informed about the incident with the detention of Russian citizens. Head of the Consular Section of the Diplomatic Mission in Washington Nadezhda Shumova told TASS that today the diplomats plan to talk on the phone with “travelers”.

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