Two live grenades and a mortar shell found in Udmurtia

Inhabitants of Udmurtia over the holidays, they encountered unexpected finds: two live grenades and a mortar shell were found and then neutralized, reports

The shell was found on May 8 in one of the garden plots, after a message from a resident of the village of Sepych, Zavyalovsky district, a demining group of the OMON of the Russian Guard went to the place.

The next day, one and a half kilometers from the village of Sokol, Zavyalovsky district, a local resident in a field found a military grenade of the Russian Geographical Society with an installed fuse. Specialists quickly destroyed the dangerous find.

Another grenade was discovered by a resident of the Leninsky district of Izhevsk on May 10 in his own area. In order to neutralize the ammunition, the employees of the Russian Guard had to transport it.

Earlier it became known that in the Kharkiv region Rosguards found caches with ammunition for the Grad multiple launch rocket system. The storage of weapons of Ukrainian nationalists was discovered by the National Guard during intelligence activities.

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