Two judges from the Donetsk region are suspected of participating in a terrorist organization

The State Bureau of Investigation in absentia reported the suspicion to two more judges from the Donetsk region, who have been working for terrorists for more than eight years.

According to an Ukrinform correspondent, the State Bureau of Investigation reported this in Telegram.

“The employees of the State Bureau of Investigation informed in absentia about the suspicion to two former judges from the Donetsk region, who betrayed the state in 2014 and headed the courts of the occupation authorities. After the capture of part of the Donetsk region by pro-Russian illegal armed groups, these judges did not leave the occupied territory. Instead, they took an active part in the creation and functioning of the fake judicial bodies of the pseudo-republic. Subsequently, one of the judges took the post of chairman of the so-called “Telmanovsky District Court of the DPR”, the other became the chairman of the “Novoazovsky District Court of the DPR”, the report says.

It is noted that both suspects still pass legally null sentences against citizens of Ukraine and comment on their “decisions” at briefings and press conferences for propaganda TV channels, thereby creating a false impression of the legitimacy of the established occupation regime.

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Former judges were informed in absentia of suspicion for participation in a terrorist organization (part 1 of article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The department clarifies that the sanction of the article provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to 15 years. Procedural management is carried out by the Donetsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

As reported, a deputy of the Kupyansky city council in the Kharkiv region was informed of a suspicion of collaborationism.

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