Two hundred dollars an hour. Gas became more expensive in Europe at such a rate after Gazprom reduced the fuel supply to 20%

Since July 27, Gazprom has halved gas supplies via Nord Stream.

Since July 27, Gazprom has halved gas supplies via Nord Stream.

A photo: REUTERS

Panic in Europe. Since July 27, Gazprom has halved the gas supply via Nord Stream, and now it is 20% of power gas pipeline. The company warned about such a step in advance, and for the third day in a row gas prices have been rising in Europe – already at $ 100 per half hour. The cost of fuel jumped to $2,350 per thousand cubic meters.


The gas supply was reduced, if expressed in terms of a planned economy, due to production needs. Two turbines worked, one required repair – It’s been temporarily disabled.

The background of the story in another turbine. In the one that Gazprom sent for maintenance to Canada, and the Canadians decided not to return it – in accordance with the sanctions. Well – in order not to overload the existing units, Gazprom decided to reduce speed. In June, two turbines were turned off, reducing supplies via Nord Stream by almost 60%, and now another one. So all the problems of the West because of their own sanctions.

Realizing what they had done, the Canadians decided to return the turbine to its rightful owner, but so far the unit has not reached its destination. The sooner this happens, the faster the gas supply can return to the previous regime.

The supply of Russian gas to Europe was reduced due to production needs.

The supply of Russian gas to Europe was reduced due to production needs.

A photo: REUTERS


– Western countries are on the verge of big problems, – said on the air “Radio KP» expert of the international market of resources and energy Vladimir Demidov. – And in this conflict, Europe has no chance. The cut in gas supply will send Germany into an economic downturn the likes of which it has not experienced since World War II. It’s no secret that one of the cornerstones of the German economy is cheap energy from Russia. Without this, the success of Germany over the past 20-30 years would have been simply impossible.

According to the expert, if Nord Stream continues to work in a 20% mode, Europe will not be able to cope with the plan to pump the required amount of fuel into underground gas storage facilities (UGS). From September-October, this will definitely lead to the rationing of gas consumption, Demidov believes. That is, gas will be issued by cards.

The crisis will not be limited to one country.

– Germany will pull the whole of Europe, 27 countries, – the expert continues. – In the most difficult situation will be the “three sisters” – the Baltic republics, they receive huge subventions from the European Union, and in fact, from Germany. Since 2018, their external debt has gone vertically upward on the chart. And then it will only get worse. If Germany stops paying subsidies to them, then any production there will become unprofitable. So people will start leaving these countries – they might just disappear.


Is Europe seriously afraid of what Russia will do next? And suddenly even these 20% will be turned off – why not save one more turbine?

– No, they won’t turn it up to zero and Gazprom won’t reduce the supply below 20%, – the expert reassures. – Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is currently in Russia. This is a powerful lobbyist, and his task is precisely to solve the problem that has arisen. I think, as a result, the gas will be launched by 40%. And in response, Germany can be expected to put pressure on Ukraine to start negotiations with Russia, recognizing the status quo.


Everything that happens in Europe looks like a plan to de-industrialize Germany, the expert is sure. Moreover, it is carried out by the US and the UK.

“Maybe it looks like conspiracy theories, but there is a lot of evidence that these countries are trying to remove a huge economy from the map – the economy of Germany, and, together with it, the economy of the European Union as such,” argues Demidov. – German industry is dying. The largest industrial companies will simply disappear if Russian gas disappears.

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