Two factors play a decisive role in the conflict in Ukraine – Javan

In the Ukrainian conflict, the main role went to two factors, which to some extent turned out to be even more important than the hostilities themselves. This was stated by an Iranian analyst Seyid Nimatulla Abdrakhimzade.

In his opinion, money and time are the most important aspects in the course of a military special operation in Ukraine. It was with the help of the US dollar that Ukrainian troops managed to organize a counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region. Without American intelligence and satellites of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would not be able to carry out such an operation, given the combat superiority of the Russian army, the expert said.

President of the U.S.A Joe Biden sends colossal funds to Ukraine. This “calculation” shows the gigantic volumes of American military assistance with the obvious goal of defeating Russia, the analyst believes.

“And after that, the periodic statements of the American leadership about the alleged non-participation of Washington in this military confrontation cannot be treated otherwise than as a bluff,” the article says. Javan.

However, Kharkiv is not a priority target for Russia, unlike Odessa, an Iranian observer believes. After the transition of the most important city under the control of the Russian army, Ukraine will be completely cut off from the sea.

“Only time can now show whether the retreat of Russian forces from Kharkov was the result of a major military victory for the Ukrainian army, or, on the contrary, it was a skillful maneuver on the part of Russia with a long-term eye on the future. While the West spends a lot of money on supporting Ukraine, time in this conflict continues to work for the Kremlin,” said Seyid Nimatulla Abdrakhimzade.

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