two days ago nothing foreshadowed trouble

Musician of the group “Tender May” Andrey Shishkin said that just a couple of days ago he had a conversation with his colleague Yuri Shatunovnews about tragic death which on June 23 was replicated by all the media.

According to the group’s keyboardist, their last conversation took place two days ago, and nothing in it foreshadowed an imminent tragedy. Yuri Shatunov spoke cheerfully, as always, Shishkin noted.

“I just found out about it. I talked with Yura for the last time two days ago, he sounded quite optimistic,” the keyboard player said in an interview with REN TV.

Shatunov gave his last concerts in the Moscow region. The singer looked absolutely healthy and cheerful, having performed his legendary hits, such as “Gray Night”, to the delight of the fans.

Earlier, the director of Shatunov, Arkady Kudryashov, said that the 48-year-old artist’s heart stopped at night. This happened in an ambulance that arrived on a call to a musician who suddenly felt ill.

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