TV shows are back: Andrey Malakhov has a new show, and “Best of All” will be released without Maxim Galkin

Programs from Andrey Malakhov are traditionally among the leaders in ratings.  Photo: channel

Programs from Andrey Malakhov are traditionally among the leaders in ratings. Photo: channel “Russia”

In the new TV season, programs that have been on vacation for the past few months are expected to return to the screens. A number of premieres are planned. Since the end of February, many entertainment programs on the air of the main channels of the country have been replaced by topical analytical, socio-political, news programs. Well-known TV presenters are now promptly talking about the current socio-political situation, there is a lot of news, they are discussed with experts. Traditionally, in September, the new season begins for TV people. This time, not all programs on the main channels will return to the air this fall. While there were no changes in broadcasting on entertainment channels. We talk about the fate of the most discussed TV projects on social networks.

Talk show

The hottest controversy is caused by talk shows. Therefore, from time to time bloggers call for their closure: in response, they receive the necessary heated discussion. Traditionally, talk shows collected not the highest, but decent TV viewing ratings. Since the end of February, the most popular talk shows “Let them talk” and “Live” disappeared from the air. “Let them talk” was returned to Channel One – so far on Saturdays. So on the evening of July 30, “Let them talk” for the 85th anniversary of Edita Piekha will show her interview, filmed a few years ago – before the pandemic. Before that, “Let them talk” exposed the illegitimate children of Alexander Abdulov – from which we can conclude that the theme of the program remained the same.

“Live” on the channel “Russia” will no longer return. Andrei Malakhov since September it is planned on weekdays with a new project – show “Malakhov”. Several episodes of the show have already been filmed. What it will be on the subject will ultimately be decided in August. “The concept has been seriously revised. The whole team will return to work in the fall,” they said. colleagues TV stars. The program plans to discuss current events, heroes, to help them. It is worth noting that the sincere weekend entertainment programs from Malakhov “Hi, Andrey!” and “Songs from the Heart” are traditionally among the leaders in weekend ratings.

Entertainment shows

Some entertainment shows are back on the air. So, on July 30 in the evening on Channel One the program “Tonight” – in the studio hero of the day Grigory Leps and his friends. Leading Maxim Galkin since May was replaced by Nikolai Tsiskaridze. Galkin also led the program “The best!”, where talented children surprised and touched the audience. There were many rumors about who would replace him: someone prophesied the creative couple Nonna Grishaeva and Alexander Oleshko as replacements, others were for Dmitry Nagiyev. However, according to rumors in television circles: now the children will show their talents in a new project, where there will be no host at all.

Among the new projects of Channel One: drinking song TV competition “We sing in the kitchen with the whole country”; “Proyut” (in one word) – the arrangement of apartments, which will be carried out by Vera Panfilova (daughter of musician Konstantin Kinchev), who has her own repair bureau. There will be “Voice. 60+“, and the classic “Voice”. Planned immediately two “avatar projects”: on First and NTV – encrypted stars and ordinary people sing backstage, and on stage instead of them an animated character; the jury guesses who is behind the mask of the singing hero. There will be two new reality shows about love. On TNT instead “House-2” – daily “Perfect Strangers”; filmed in Cape Town; 11 participants are looking for love and choose between a large sum of money and feelings. On Friday! 50 men compete for the location of the blogger and presenter Anastasia Ivleeva. The project was called “Heart of Ivleeva”. Big premiere on TV-3 – “The Last Hero” change to game reality show “Heirs and impostors» with the host Laysan Utyasheva: participants will compete in different spaces of the castle, fight for a cash prize.

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