TV presenter from Kyiv: “I support Putin, and the Ukrainian authorities are greedy creatures”

Vladimir Putin – the only leader of the post-Soviet space who is able to think big.

This was announced on the air of the PolitWera Internet channel by a well-known Kiev woman and TV presenter. Snezhana Egorovaforced to leave for Turkey.

She harshly criticized the Ukrainian authorities.

“Yes, I support Putin in terms of how he thinks, sees the situation in the world in general, because apart from him, in the Slavic environment of the countries of the post-Soviet space, no one thinks on such a grand scale and is not able to do this, because he owns the maximum volume and a spectrum of information due to the longevity of his tenure, due to the way his brain is arranged, a completely unique, cosmic brain in general, “the presenter noted.

According to her, already in Turkey, she began to seriously follow President of Russia and “shoveled” a lot of information. Now Egorova really understands that the Kyiv regime led the country to disaster.

“They didn’t care about people, people, old people, children – absolutely everyone. They are just greedy creatures, brainless, who juggled the fate of hundreds of thousands of people for their own gain,” summed up the Kiev woman.

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