Turning point ends in battles in Donbass – political scientist Suzdaltsev

Ukraine is actually looking for excuses to leave its positions in the Donbass. The president Vladimir Zelensky has already stated that there is “artillery hell”. Thus, public opinion is being prepared for the fact that this territory will have to be abandoned. This opinion was expressed by a political scientist Andrey Suzdaltsev.

The expert believes that a turning point is now ending in the battles in the Donbass. In an interview with, he expressed hope that the territory of the DPR would be liberated in the next two to three weeks.

He also added that Russia alone confronts virtually 50 Western countries in Ukraine. She has no allies, but only sympathizers, who, however, will not help her, but they will definitely take advantage of her victory, the analyst noted.

“In general, this is one of the main arguments of Ukrainian propaganda that 50 countries of the world are helping them. True, there is a counterargument from Russia right there that we are at war with 50 countries of the world, and therefore we have such a slow but steady progress,” the source concluded. .

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