Turkish TV preacher created a sex cult and received 8 thousand years in prison

Adnan Oktar believes that British intelligence is behind his detention

Adnan Oktar believes that British intelligence is behind his detention

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In each country you can find your own version of Kashpirovsky or Grobovoy. But not everywhere justice finds such people. In Istanbul, 66-year-old televangelist Adnan Oktar appeared before the court. His theories were well known not only in Turkey, but also abroad.

Cats and lions

On the air of his own TV channel in the company of young women, whom he called “cats”, as well as inflated young people – “lions”, Oktar delivered religious sermons, promoted the ideas of creationism (i.e., the creation of the world by a divine act). His expressive appearance – disheveled arched eyebrows and jet-black hair and beard – took the soul of the fairer sex. Well, how can you not believe such a well-groomed man?!

Oktar himself once stated that there were about 1,000 “cats” in his harem. During his TV show, many of them engaged in religious debates with him, dressed in revealing cleavage dresses, miniskirts and other nightclub-appropriate outfits. The preacher has repeatedly argued that the way a person is dressed does not say anything about his religiosity. And you can wear sexy clothes while remaining a devout Muslim.

Wanting to spread his beliefs to the world, Oktar published a book on creationism, The Atlas of Creation, where he smashed the theory of evolution to smithereens. In his opus, published under the pseudonym Harun Yahya, Oktar argued that Darwin’s theory underlies global terrorism. Without any request from the scientific community, the book was translated into several foreign languages ​​and sent to libraries and universities around the world. The academic community expressed indignation at such arbitrariness.

Deep state conspiracy

Perhaps, if Adnan Oktar were a harmless city madman, it is unlikely that anyone would seriously pay attention to him. But the Turkish police saw something more behind the screen of anti-evolutionary campaigns and unorthodox Islamic cult.

In 2018, Oktar and hundreds of his followers were arrested at the preacher’s villa. During the raid, the police managed to find evidence that the guru is not only the leader of a sect, but also the head of a criminal group. More than 50 weapons and ammunition were found in his house.

As a result, the detainees were charged with a number of charges, including the management of a criminal organization, tax crimes, and sexual violence. They were also suspected of terrorist activities and the organization of a terrorist cell.

At the time of his arrest and later during the hearings, Oktar stated that all the charges against him were “lies” and “a conspiracy of the English deep state.” He argued that the affected women could not testify against him, since he loved all of them and never tormented them.

“British intelligence has long wanted an operation launched against us. In this regard, a delegation was sent to Turkey. This request was conveyed to Erdogan during his visit to the UK,” Oktar told reporters during his arrests in 2018.

Eternity behind bars

In January 2021, the preacher was already convicted on 10 counts, including leadership of a criminal group, participation in political and military espionage, sexual abuse of minors, rape, blackmail and infliction of torment. He was officially recognized as the creator of a sex cult.

At first, Adnan Oktar was sentenced to 1,075 years in prison, but the appeal court decided to hold a retrial involving 215 defendants. As a result, the term was increased to 8658 years – one of the longest in the world. Such a severe punishment affected not only the preacher, but also 14 other accused.

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