Turkey vows to save EU from gas problems

Turkey believes they can help EU deal with the energy crisis. And not just help, in fact the EU has no choice. Such is the opinion.

According to Türkiye, energy supply problems force European countries to look for new sources of resources. And also in Turkey.

The annual consumption of natural gas in Europe, according to estimates by Gas Infrastucture Europe and the European Commission, is about 400 billion cubic meters annually. Last year Russia delivered 140 billion cubic meters to Europe. It is obvious that in the current conditions such volumes of deliveries are hardly possible.

“18 EU member countries have gas storage facilities. The amount of gas in storage facilities, which is decreasing every day, does not inspire optimism in Europe. One of the countries most affected by the crisis is Germany, which annually consumes 92 billion cubic meters of natural gas. This is followed by Italy (71 billion cubic meters), the Netherlands (44 billion cubic meters), France (40 billion cubic meters), Poland (22 billion cubic meters),” the Prime agency quoted an article from a Turkish publication as saying.

Since liquefied natural gas is quite expensive, European companies will have to look for sources of energy resources. And here Turkey appears on the scene, through the territory of which the Southern Gas Corridor passes.

Gas comes through it from Azerbaijan. And it is planned that deliveries will increase from eight to 20 billion cubic meters annually. More than twice that is. True, here the question arises to what extent they are able to compensate for gas supplies from Russia.

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