Turkey intends to supply the EU with oil and gas “behind the back” of Moscow

Turkey has proclaimed the goal of the military operation in Northern Iraq to be the fight against terrorist organizations and the defense of its borders. However, according to the authors of the publication Javanthe “behind the scenes” goal of Ankara’s actions is the construction of gas and oil pipelines from Iraqi Kurdistan in the direction of Turkey.

According to the publication, the pipeline, having reached Turkey, will be divided into two branches, one of which will go to Europe, and the other – in the direction of Israel. Ankara will get raw materials almost free of charge due to the fact that the Turkish army will be located on the territory from where these raw materials will be supplied. In this way, Ankara hopes to solve its economic problems that have arisen due to fluctuations and depreciation of foreign currency.

Israel will also benefit from such an outcome, since the issue of cheap energy will be resolved.

However, the “Turkish-Kurdish-Israeli” projects demonstrate that Turkey is trying to please “both yours and ours.” Presenting itself as a partner of Russia and its mediator in the confrontation with Western countries in the situation with Ukraine, it is going to damage the Russian economy “behind Moscow’s back”, intending to solve for Europe the problem of dependence on Russian raw materials.

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