Trump’s important statement turned out to be an advertisement

Former US President Donald Trump.

Former US President Donald Trump.

A photo: REUTERS

Former US President Donald Trump reported about the launch of sales of his own collection of NFTs, which the politician called “baseball cards.”

The “important statement” announced the day before, which the former head of the White House promised to make on his page on the Truth Social social network, turned out to be an advertisement: a day after the release of the video that intrigued everyone, Trump announced the launch of his own collection of NFTs.

In total, 45 images have been released, in which the main Republican of America appears in various guises. Among them are images of a cowboy, a golfer, a pilot, a racer, an astronaut, a superhero and many others.

The cost of one image, which can be purchased on a special website, is $99, but those who purchase the entire collection will receive a pleasant bonus – a dinner at Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

The ex-president’s announcement of an “important statement” made a lot of noise on social networks: users put forward a number of assumptions, among which the most popular version was the continuation of the so-called Twittergate, during which Elon Musk made a number of statements exposing the Democrats’ policy regarding public information. Also, quite a few social media regulars suggested that the announcement would concern the upcoming presidential race.

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