Trump saves a lot on the funeral of the mother of his children

Former US President Donald Trump.

Former US President Donald Trump.

A photo: REUTERS

Professor of Sociology Brooke Harrington from the British city of Dartmouth, who prefers to be called a tax researcher, said that the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump managed to save a lot of money funeral his ex-wife Ivana.

According to Harrington, Ivana Trump, who died as a result of accident On July 14, he was buried on the territory of a golf club owned by Donald Trump in New Jersey. And according to state law, cemeteries are eligible for a tax credit, no matter how many people are buried in the area designated as a “cemetery.”

According to the British tabloid Daily Mailfor the first time, Trump announced plans to create a family cemetery in the town of Bedminster back in 2007, and now the grave of Ivana Trump, the mother of three eldest children of the former US president, is located near the first golf course.

“So I checked the New Jersey tax code, and folks, it’s a triple tax evasion. Property, income tax and sales tax are all excluded,” Brooke Harrington tweeted.

However, Trump managed to save on land for the golf club not only at the funeral of his ex-wife – according to the agreement he signed with the Bedminster authorities, this territory is already exempt from taxes, since it is officially considered agricultural land.

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