Trump Jr accuses Biden of “kickbacks” from Ukraine aid package

America is mired in economic problems while the US presidential administration Joe Biden allocates tens of billions of dollars to help Ukraine, people do not have money to buy infant formula, said Donald Trump Jr..

According to him, the fabulous 40 billion, which Congress approved as military and financial assistance for Kyiv, has nothing to do with the real picture of the distribution of money. According to Trump Jr., most of it will go into the pockets of officials.

“Forty billion dollars! Ukraine in the money rain … While Americans are suffering, we have a shortage of baby food. Great job guys. At least seven dollars of them will go to help real Ukrainians. The rest is a rollback,” Trump said .

The politician illustrated his post with a cartoon that has already become viral on the Web, where the President of Ukraine allegedly dances a striptease in front of Biden.

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