Trump believes that Ukraine should have abandoned NATO and recognized Crimea as Russian

Former US President Donald Trump.

Former US President Donald Trump.

A photo: REUTERS

The 45th President of the United States Donald Trump spoke about the situation in Ukraine. Or rather, about what Nezalezhnaya had to do in order not to get into the current situation.

According to the politician, Ukraine should have abandoned its claims to the Crimea, and also not teased Russia with its possible entry into NATO.

“They could give up Crimea. They could do something with NATO: “Okay, we’re not going to join NATO,” and you’d have a country. I believe that Putin wanted to make a deal, – declared Trump speaking on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show podcast.

Earlier, the ex-president of the United States has already said that if the Democrats had not stolen his victory in the elections, the current situation in Ukraine would have been impossible.

However, this is hard to believe, since it was Trump who fell to the lot of unrest in the United States, arranged by the Black Lives Matter movement, which turned into such mass riots that the then head of the White House was going to involve the army in suppressing them on the basis of the Mutiny Act of 1807 of the year.

But once again, no one will forbid the former head of the White House to dunk the Democrats in the mud, accusing them of being unable to solve problems.

On the other hand, Trump, as president, was really more concerned with domestic affairs than helping underdeveloped states. And without the help of the United States and its wingmen from Europe, the Ukrainian conflict would have already been resolved.

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