Truck overturned with migrants in Veracruz left two dead and 20 injured

(Photo: Twitter/JorgeFaibre)
(Photo: Twitter/JorgeFaibre)

Two migrants died and another 20 injured left the overturning of a cargo truck, the vehicle in which they were transported through the state of Veracruz, state authorities reported this Saturday.

In a statement, the Civil Protection Secretariat reported that the car accident occurred at 05:00 this Saturday on the Las Choapas-Cuichapa highway, in southern Veracruz, an entity that due to its geographical location is an obligatory passage for Central American migrants. who want to come to the United States.

It was near the town of Ceiba Blanca in the municipality of Las Choapas where a truck, known as a torton, overturned, which was transporting a group of migrants in the cargo area.

Two migrants died at the site, one of them presumably of Cuban origin, and 20 more of different nationalities were injured, for which they were transferred to hospitals in the area; while a group of migrants fled the place.

Foreigners from Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala aboard several Civil Protection and Mexican Red Cross ambulances were immediately transferred to different hospitals for assessment; They had severe headaches and chest pains.

The survivors revealed that about 100 foreigners were traveling in the unit, most of whom fled the place for fear of being arrested and deported to their countries of origin.

Agents from the National Migration Institute (INM), the State Police and the State Attorney General’s Office went to the scene to start the investigations; The first inquiries determined that the possible cause of the accident was speeding.

So far it is unknown if there is an arrest of the driver, who was allegedly driving at excessive speed, according to testimonies from the foreigners themselves.

(Photo: Twitter/JorgeFaibre)
(Photo: Twitter/JorgeFaibre)

Veracruz, due to its geographical location, is a strategic point on the migration routes from Central America to the United States, but the thousands of foreigners must face mafias dedicated to kidnapping and extortion, as well as organized crime.

From January to October of this year, federal authorities reported that more than 28,000 migrants have been detained in Veracruz territory, a figure that places the entity as the third nationally with the highest number of seizures.

Traveling crammed into trailers is one of the most dangerous ways migrants use to smuggle across Mexico to the United States, for which they pay smugglers thousands of dollars.

Just one year ago on Friday, the tragedy of December 9, 2021, when a trailer in which migrants were traveling overcrowded overturned on the highway from Tuxtla Gutiérrez to Chiapa de Corzo, in the state of Chiapas, which caused death. of 56 people.

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