Treatment methods depend on the type and degree of curvature of the spine

Treatment for scoliosis depends on the type and degree of curvature of the spine, the age of the patient, and the likelihood that the condition will worsen in the future.. There are several main lines of action that can be taken: watchful waiting or observation, preparation and operation.

Scoliosis is a fairly rare disease.. The diagnosis according to the international classification of diseases sounds like idiopathic scoliosis. The first part of the term means that no one knows the causes of this disease.

Scoliosis is not just a violation of posture, but a deformation of the spine in all three planes: in addition to curvature in the lateral plane, the vertebrae turn clockwise or counterclockwise, the so-called torsion. Why this happens is still unknown. And it does not arise due to the fact that the child does not sit up straight, “says traumatologist-orthopedist Vera Kachurina.

How doctors monitor children with scoliosis

Especially for young children with scoliosis, treatment may not be necessary, as the condition may self-correct as the child grows. For this reason, follow-up is required to monitor the progression of spinal curvature throughout growth and to intervene if the condition shows signs of deterioration. X-ray images are often used as a method to check for changes in the curve of the spine.

  • “Scoliosis,
  • hyperkyphosis,
  • hyperlordosis
  • or other violations of the physiological curvature of the spine

amenable only to long-term therapy. And sometimes, to solve even a “minor” problem, you need to use the entire arsenal of our center, and these are dozens of the most modern techniques!

In addition, stereotypes are very strong in our society. The trouble with all parents is that they consider physiotherapy exercises to be something like exercise, good for health, but nothing more. Now, if the doctor wrinkles his back, twists his arms and legs, this is a real treatment. They put a dropper, made an injection, applied electrodes – it’s clear what we pay money for. And the fact that after these medical procedures a professional instructor works with the child, who, in fact, models the correct muscle frame, is something like an appendage to the purchase, “says traumatologist-orthopedist of the highest qualification category Sergey Alekseev.

Table. Determining the degree of scoliosis

Disease degree By J. Cobb According to V. D. Chaklin
I up to 15° 175-180°
II 20-40° 155-175°
III 40-60° 100-155°
IV over 60° less than 100°

Methods of treatment of scoliosis

Back pain is one of the most problematic symptoms of scoliosis, especially in adults who suffer from the condition. For this reason, pain medication may be recommended to help manage the associated pain.

Paracetamol or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as

  • ibuprofen
  • or an aspirin

are usually first line drugs. For more severe pain, corticosteroid or local anesthetic injections into the affected area may be helpful, but are associated with more side effects with long-term use.

Regular exercise is very important for people with scoliosis and should also be encouraged for children who need to wear a brace. It is believed to improve muscle tone and body strength, while also improving overall posture and flexibility, although this has yet to be confirmed by scientific research.

Restorative physical education for scoliosis

For general strengthening of the body, patients with frontal deformity of the spinal column are recommended the following procedures:

  • Turns of the body;
  • Dosed running;
  • Squats on one leg;
  • Somersaults over the head;
  • Acrobatics and sports dances;
  • Pulling up on the horizontal bar (in the absence of pain);
  • Outdoor games.

To consolidate the effect of exercise therapy should be done at least 5 times a week. This will allow you to align your posture, as well as correct the condition of the spine.

There have also been some cases that have shown benefit from alternative therapies such as chiropractic treatments and electrical stimulation.

Surgery for scoliosis

Corrective surgery may be an option for people who have not been helped by other treatments.

For children under the age of ten, growing rods can be placed to help control the growth of the spine and partially correct existing damage. The rods must be checked regularly and usually require lengthening two to three times a year as the child grows. These rods are removed after reaching a certain result.

For teenagers or young adults, the treatment of scoliosis may require spinal fusion. This involves straightening the spinal column using metal rods and bone grafts to ensure proper alignment of the spine. This procedure is considered the main operation, and the rods usually remain there permanently, if there are no problems.

There are several risks associated with the operation, including:

  • Bleeding.

  • Infection.

  • Incorrect implant connection.

  • Nerve injury in the spine (rare).

It is important for patients and their families to make an informed decision about spinal surgery, considering both the benefits and risks of surgery.


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