Travel blogger from Russia told how tourists are being poisoned in India

A travel blogger from Russia said that tourists in India often want to be poisoned.

The traveler in his blog said that he often heard stories from his Indian friends that locals poison people on trains. According to him, there are a lot of such stories, and the Indians themselves do not trust their own. The blogger spoke about the scheme of poisoning and robbery.

“The plan is simple: you will eat a treat and fall asleep or die. It all depends on the filling and the proportion of the extra ingredient. <…> precisely to such railway stories,” the blogger wrote.

After a person falls asleep, the scammers take all things and leave at the nearest station.

Another risky place may be local cheap eateries. According to the blogger, there tourists can also poison by adding something to food.

“The conditions under which Indians cook, grasping food with their bare hands, you can easily get poisoned. Therefore, Russian tourists, most often out of habit, who pull all street food into their mouths, then cannot get out of bed. But this is not because of poison or sleeping pills. Elementary bacteria unsettle the tourist, “he says.

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