Tragedy in Punta Cana leaves a Peruvian among those killed in the accident

An excursion to Saona Island ended in a painful experience for a group of tourists who traveled to the Dominican Republic to carry out a series of recreational activities in this tourist destination in the Caribbean Sea.

On October 6, an accident was reported at the intersection of the Tourist Boulevard and Domingo Maiz Street. It was at this intersection where a bus from the tourist transport company “Suero” was recorded. The data collected in the area showed that a bad maneuver by the driver caused the death of 2 people and at least 33 injured.

They report the balance of injured and deceased by accident in Punta Cana. (ATV)

It was recognized that, among the people who lost their lives, was a Peruvian named Karla Rodriguez Dionisioa 40-year-old citizen who was on the bus in the company of her 9-year-old daughter and husband.

Reports indicate that the families of the fatal victims have requested support from the embassies to repatriate the bodies to their countries. The ambassador in the Dominican Republic and the consul are in permanent contact with tourists and relatives in Punta Cana.

In dialogue with ATV, the journalist Marcelo Ballester specified that the vehicle was in good condition, even “almost new”. The passenger list was made up of Colombian, Argentine, Chilean, Brazilian, and some Peruvian travelers. In total, more than 40 foreigners were in Punta Cana.

According to data collected by Infobae, the body of the Peruvian victim was not seen by her husband, since he was transferred to a hospital to receive the corresponding medical care for the injuries left by the accident.

According to the information released by the Diario Libre media outlet, the fact would have been caused by the driver of the tourist unit, whose final destination was Saona Island, where the participants would go on an excursion.

The man lost control of the vehicle when he tried to avoid two means of transport, a car and a truck.

A bus carrying tourists in Punta Cana overturned

Infobae had access to data on foreigners who registered to be passengers on this tourist bus of the company “Suero”.

Edgar Eduardo Calderonof Peruvian nationality.

Karla RodriguezPeruvian.

– Youlin Diviana, Colombian.

– Amanda Loureiro, Brazilian.

– Alejandro and Natalia Klinec, Argentines.

– Robert Mendoza Vargas, Mexican.

– Dora Pabón, Colombian.

– Valeria Victoria, Argentine.

– Francesco Diaz, Chilean.

– Dominique Esperanza Dreckmann, Chilean.

– Valeria Paola Medina, Argentine.

– Juan Sarabia, Chilean.

– Oscar Marcelo, Argentine.

– Cynthia Vanessa, Argentine.

– Mariza Helena, Brazilian.

– Juan Pablo Curiantun, Chilean.

– Miguel Angel, Chilean.

– Ernesto Barnes, Chilean.

– Juan Sebastian Londoño, Colombian.

– Flavia Da Silva, Brazilian.

– Maria Monserrat, Argentine.

– Yerko Rodriguez, Chilean.

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