Trade Union of Journalists fined 500,000 rubles for “discrediting the army” | News from Germany about Russia | DW

The Tagansky District Court of Moscow fined the interregional public organization “Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers” 500 thousand rubles under an administrative article about “discrediting” the Russian Armed Forces. Solution published on the website of the court on Wednesday, August 3.

“According to the literal content of the prosecution’s position, the organization was held accountable for “spreading ideas related to a negative attitude towards the special military operation conducted by the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine,” the lawyer said. Maxim Krupsky.

The fine will be appealed

According to the defense, the organization is “actually held accountable for exercising its constitutional right to freedom of speech.” “The court did not specify what law the dissemination of a negative opinion about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the special military operation is contrary to, and where the current legislation establishes the obligation of citizens and organizations to hold an exclusively positive opinion about them,” lawyer Krupsky emphasized, adding that the organization will appeal the fine.

As clarifies Sota projectthe reason for the protocol was the texts “Perugia Declaration in support of Ukraine and “We demand to stop the war”, published on the day of the start Russian invasion of a neighboring country – 24 February.

The prosecutor’s office demands to liquidate the trade union

In July The Moscow prosecutor’s office asked the court to liquidate “Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers”, referring, among other things, to the initiation of an administrative case on discrediting the Russian armed forces. The court suspended the activities of the organization.

The reason for the appeal of the prosecutor’s office was “the publication on the website of the organization of a publication containing unreliable information about the course of a special military operation to protect the self-proclaimed “DPR” and “LPR” aimed at discrediting the use of the Russian Armed Forces,” the media wrote.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the trade union places “information of an illegal nature” on the Internet, and its activity “entails the violation of human and civil rights and freedoms, causing harm to public order and public security, society and the state.”

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