Tourists from Russia are not allowed to enter Finland

Reviewer Mika Koskinen from Iltalehten said that tourists from the Russian Federation should not be allowed into Finland.

Russia lifted travel restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus on July 15. Since then, many Russians have been able to come to Finland on a tourist visa. In addition, according to Koskinen, Finland is a very important transit country for Russian tourists, since air routes from Russia to Europe are blocked.

According to Koskinen, Russians should not be allowed into Finland while a special military operation (SVO) is underway in Ukraine. In his opinion, civilians of the Russian Federation should not come to Helsinki for recreation or shopping.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania currently do not issue tourist visas to Russians. According to the expert, Finland should also join these countries.

It is proposed to completely ban the issuance of visas or cancel those already issued. But this is not allowed by EU rules.

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