Top 4 big crossovers with small engines

Downsizing has become a general trend and has also affected crossovers. This was largely due to the introduction of electrical hybridization. You can still get a car with an eight-cylinder engine – the epitome of power and a roaring sound, but turbocharged or supercharged four-cylinder engines are becoming more popular, which can quite compete with the six-cylinder counterparts.

These downsized engines have become the standard in today’s compact crossovers, but are now becoming popular in larger vehicles that typically have a six-cylinder engine as their base. Whether this will be the end of eight cylinders is unknown, but more and more large crossovers are now coming with small engines.

Volvo XC90

Top 4 large crossovers with a small engine.  Volvo XC90

This machine does not have options with six or eight cylinder engines. Instead, various versions of the four-cylinder are offered. All of them are based on a two-liter turbocharged Volvo engine with a capacity of 250 horsepower. The base trim gets a turbocharged engine with the addition of batteries and two electric motors, while the T6 model has a turbocharged version that develops 316 horsepower. The hybrid version has a combined output of 400 horsepower.

Audi Q7

Top 4 large crossovers with a small engine.  Audi Q7

The standard equipment of this machine has an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. You can choose between a turbocharged four-cylinder and a supercharged six-cylinder. The first one develops 248 horsepower, the second is not much superior, but both have almost the same fuel consumption.

Jeep Wrangler

Top 4 large crossovers with a small engine.  Jeep Wrangler

The new generation Wrangler has been waiting for a very long time, and not everyone was satisfied with it. Largely because the car was supposed to get a six-cylinder engine, but it was replaced by a four-cylinder turbocharged in the company with an electric one. Nevertheless, the reviews say that the car is not only surprisingly economical, but also behaves perfectly off-road.

Range Rover Sport P400E

Top 4 large crossovers with a small engine.  Range Rover Sport P400E

Range Rover has always been associated with powerful eight-cylinder engines. New hybrid models with additional electric motors show enough torque not to put their predecessors to shame. The Range Rover Sport P400E is powered by a 296 horsepower four-cylinder, two-liter turbocharged engine, coupled with an electric motor that packs 114 horsepower. Combined, they produce 398 horsepower, making the Range Rover Sport hybrid more powerful than the diesel and six-cylinder.



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