Too early to end curfew

Minister of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky believes that it is too early to abandon the curfew in those territories where there are no hostilities

He said this on the air of Ukrainian TV channels, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“I think time shows that the curfew paid off. It gave and allows to avoid the penetration of sabotage groups into the territory, including the central and western regions of Ukraine. Therefore, my personal vision is that we still have some time to live with a curfew,” said Monastyrsky.

He stressed that Ukraine successfully passed on May 8-9. The Ministry of Internal Affairs understood that these days there could be provocations and attacks by the DRG, so all law enforcement officers worked in an enhanced mode.

“Of course, we saw and recommended the need to introduce a curfew in most territories of Ukraine. Some regions have self-imposed extended curfews. We are talking about those areas that are closer to the zone of hostilities. And it is in these times of tension that we consider it (curfew – Ed.) justified. Therefore, I think that it is too early to talk about the complete abolition of the curfew in certain territories where there are no hostilities, because there is still a rather great danger,” the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted.

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Separately, he said that the issue of road safety is returning and called on all Ukrainians to comply with traffic rules.

“Therefore, we are returning the fixation of speed violations. Let me remind you that penalties are also included, in particular, if a person travels plus 20 km per hour, then an appropriate fine will be issued. Therefore, we ask everyone to observe the speed limit that is provided for in certain areas. Because both car owners and citizens – proper users will receive fines for relevant offenses in the same way,” the minister said.

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Answering a question about phantom cars, Monastyrsky noted that they are already on the roads, and in the future they will work not only in the capital, but throughout Ukraine.

As reported, the head of the Dnepropetrovsk OVA, Valentin Reznichenko, said that the curfew was reduced in the region.

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